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How to contact us
Inquiry Form

Please fill in our Inquiry Form (*this is a booking request form, please wait for your reply for availability)

We check your email everyday, so we will reply within 24 hours.
If you did not recieve your reply within 24 hours, please check your spam mail folder.
Telephone +64-3-377-9287
(country code = +64, area code = 03)
When our line is busy, you'll get the answering machine.
Please leave your name and contact phone number.We will get back to you as soon as possible. (We answer the phone between 8am-8pm, GMT+12/13hrs)
Fax +64-3-377-9282
(country code = +64, area code = 03)
We can receive your fax any time. If the fax doesn't go through please try again after a few minutes.
About rooms
Single room (single private/bedsit)

Single rooms are the most popular at Kiwi House.
The ideal room for complete privacy for single travelers/students/working holiday people.
Special room rates are available for long-term stays.
We give priority to those people making bookings for stays of 4 or more weeks.
Please enquire at least one month in advance.
We will confirm your booking around 2 weeks before your arrival at Kiwi House.
We get odd vacancies every now and then.
Just make an enquiry.
Double room (Double bed private/bedsit)

We have Double rooms for long term (for a few months) and short term.
Room rates vary greatly depending on whether it is a short or long term stay.
If you would like to make a booking for "Long-term stay" (more than 4 weeks), please make an enquiry at least one month in advance.
We will confirm your booking around 2 weeks before your arrival at Kiwi House.
We have some double rooms available for short term stays.
In general, double rooms are more often available for short-term stays than single rooms.
Dormitory (backpacker)

Our dormitory is very popular for a few weeks stay.
This is because our dorm rooms are very comfortable for long-stayers and the rates are much lower than at other hostels.
You can make a booking any time for dorm beds.
But still, it is better to make a booking at least one week in advance, especially in high season (Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar).


To make a booking we need to know

1. Your credit card details ( We accept Visa or Master Card only). Including the 16 digit card number, the expiry date, the name on the card.

2. name - If you are booking for more than one person, please let us know the number of people and all of their names.

3. Your check-in date / check-out date

4. the type of room you want - dorm/single/double (please check with us that the rooms or beds you want are available before booking)

5. Your contact phone number, city and country. And the hours you are available to be contacted in your country.

6. Your arrival time at Kiwi House. And your flight number and flight arrival time if you are arriving at Christchurch Airport on the day you will be coming to Kiwi House. We can keep an eye on your flight on the internet.

* Our latest check in time is 7pm. It will take at least 1hour to pass through immigration and customs at Christchurch International terminal and another half hour to get Kiwi House. So check your flight arrival time before you make your booking with us.
* Your booking will be confirmed as soon as we have received your booking details and if our rooms or beds are available.
* Please make sure your booking was confirmed by contacting us again.
* Important - We do not accept any change of details nor cancellation of your booking after confirmation.
In the event of cancellation or changing of your booking details, your card will be charged for the original booked total accommodation fee or up to NZ$200/person, if the total accommodation fee was greater than $200.If you will be staying for more than 4 weeks, we require that you enter into a rental agreement and that you pay a NZD$200 cash deposit which will be returned upon check out. Early cancellation of contract will result in a penalty not exceeding NZD$200
* If you need transport from Christchurch city centre, we can come and pick you up between the hours 9am-9pm, depending on how busy we are. (Just ring and try us, the number is 377-9287)

Arrival at Kiwi House
Please let us know your Kiwi House arrival time when you are making your booking with us.
This way we will know when to expect you and it will speed up the checking-in process.
Our gate is locked 24 hours, 7days, but we have a doorbell at our gate.
Please ring it when you arrive.


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